March 3rd - 6th 2016
Semperviva Yoga Studio


Calling all yoga teachers who are stoked to expand their skill set with knowledge and tools specifically for supporting and empowering mamas & babes. Come on this 4 day / 25 hr exploration of the emotional, physical, and spiritual journey for healthy, conscious, and joyous beginnings for mamas and babes.

This training will provide you with a deep understanding of:

  • Re-sacralizing the 4th trimester
  • Ayurveda & the 4th trimester
  • Birth Imprinting & restoring for mamas & babes
  • PTSD, polyvagal theory and yoga therapy to restore
  • Post natal anatomy (taught by guest teacher and pelvic floor physiotherapist)
  • Consciousness of babies & supporting language and physical development
  • Bonding, community and creating kula & sangha
  • Baby massage and communication
  • Recreating the womb experience
  • Dance, songs and the power of play
  • Tools to intuit, sequence, manage and support this unique class & community
  • Specific meditations, mantra, mudra, asana, pranayama and tantric ritual to empower & nurture
  • Koshas, gunas, chakras and yoga psychology relevant to mamas and babies
  • Continuing education credits apply

It has been the greatest joy to teach postnatal yoga for the past 15 years, so I am very excited to share how to safely and powerfully teach this precious community of mamas and babes during such a sacred and profound time of change.

Total Hours: 25

Contact Semperviva directly for payment and registration online or at (604) 739-2009
Contact myself if you have any questions about the course curriculum: Thrive@SoulRebelRising.com