Womb Reclamation Sessions

Closing the Bones &

Conscious Conception


SPRING SPECIAL for the month of March only!!!!!

$75off Womb reclamation sessions, energy work or personalized ceremony

You can book now for March and sessions must be booked in the month of March :)


I am passionate about womb reclamation for all in this inclusive offering-which means this healing work is for anyone called to it.

. Womb Rituals are for validation, reclamation and restoration. 

I believe we need rituals to integrate and validate the human experience and that we live more liberated lives with them.

For ANY AND ALL  womb trauma or stagnation-from this lifetime or others, be it ancestral, sexual, abortion or pregnancy loss, menopause, hysterectomy,during pregnancy or postpartum within the first 6weeks or even 30years after you birthed.

As a full spectrum doula-trans affirming doula, death doula, body worker, trauma inclusive yoga and movement guide, I have been sharing Womb Restoring Rituals for many years. These rituals include embodied trauma skills, energy work, womb massage, sound healing, somatic movement therapy, yoga therapy, nurturing and reverence.


One path of womb reclamation is CLOSING THE BONES-


Traditionally a beautiful and powerful Ecuadorian postpartum ritual and massage to restore, align, nurture the birther and support an emotional, energetic, physical, spiritual integration of the pregnancy, birth and beyond journey.  This teaching was passed on from Ecuadorian midwife, Shaman, ethnobotanist, Rocio Alacron to Sophie Messager from whom i studied. Many cultures around the world have a similar ritual to this one to support people being nurtured, seen, reverenced so they may thrive.

Traditionally in many cultures this ritual is shared after birth, 4-6 x within the first month and a half of the birth.

I share this in both traditional sense of post partum AND non-traditionally for anyone seeking womb healing


This nurturing  ritual is  for all-

For birthers post partum AND for people who birthed 30 years ago and never had closure AND for people who have never had babies AND for people with emotional womb trauma, ancestral womb trauma, sexual trauma, pregnancy loss and FOR all  genders and gender expressions.

Medicine woman/midwife Rocio entreated the teacher i studied with for us to spread the word. To:

‘give this back to your culture, because you have lost it. And you need it back.’ca

These stunning sessions include intention setting-crystal bowl meditation, energy work, rebozo rocking, womb massage, shamanic drumming, rebirthing meditation and closing intentions and integration.

Sessions are 2hrs long and investment includes a pre and post email connect and tools to take with you into everyday life to continue the rhythm of nurturing and self care.


 1 session-$195 (for the month of March $75 off special so the sessions are $120)

Package of 3-$540 ($45 savings)

Package of 5-$900($75 savings)

Payment plans available and sliding scale may apply in certain case



 What is it?

Conscious conception is a holistic path of re-sacralizing the journey of conception.

The priority is tending to the emotional, spiritual and energetic layers of ourselves and partners to open up the space of possibility and understanding.

Re-sacralize=to make sacred again.

I believe possibilities open up exponentially when this approach and care is used alongside the medical/technical paths.

Using earth based rituals, trauma intelligent yoga and movement, shamanic, somatic therapy and meditation practices we explore the journey of conscious conception which includes forgiveness, awareness exercises, restoring personal and relationships, opening up dialogue with the soul of the child you want to call in and co-creating daily rituals/practices to feed the rhythm of creation.

We co create together to dissolve blocks and open possibilities.

I have shared this conscious conception journey with people in all scenarios: those on a solo conception journey, surrogate scenarios and those in my queer and trans community over the years. It is a sublime honour to hold space in this way.

Sessions are 2hrs long 

 1 session-$195

Package of 3-$540($45 savings)

Testimonial- "Teresa and I first worked together in the realm of concious conception. She held space for healing, release and spiritual connection relating to my fertility. With her compassion, guidance and presence, I was able to let go and move forward compassionately to welcome my dear child. 

We also took part in her incredible and unique and inclusive pre-natal workshop. That experience, in addition to reading other books she recommended (Ina May Gaskin), gave me a courageous foundation for my birthing process. Using some of her music and sense of lightness really changed how we went through the birth.

Six months post-partum, we connected for the closing the bones ritual. I found this to be integral in my physical and emotional healing. Not only that, it was a very kind way to acknowledge the impact of childbearing on my body and spirit. It provided a deep release, sense of safety and true feeling of self-care. 

She has been an incredible teacher and gift to me and my family. "-Sarah, Jocelyn and baby Coba