stoke the fire Mentoring For Teachers

Are any of these challenges familiar?

  • Are you a new teacher recently finished extensive teacher trainings and are now left feeling a little lost or bewildered with your teaching career and left with many questions that TT didn't cover?
  • Are you looking to refine your focus or niche?
  • Do you want to clarify your souls path; living and teaching from that place?
  • Are you overwhelmed with mixed level scenarios in class?
  • Do you get nervous about how to support injuries and pregnant students in a regular class?
  • Are you an experienced teacher who has lost passion or focus?
  • Do you struggle with sustainability and protecting your energy? Do you have energy protection rituals and ceremonies to keep you healthy?
  • Do you know how to navigate your students projecting authority?
  • Are you addicted to helping others and put yourself last?
  • Are you disconnected from your own practice and sadhana?
  • Disenchanted? Depleted?

Challenges like these are pervasive in our community. Stoke the Fire Mentoring was created to ignite a shift where teachers can evolve and support themselves more consciously to be able to thrive personally and professionally.  The program has the below two stages:


Photo Cred: Cynthia Hubercheck

You bring your goals and I light your fire with my passion, experience and guidance! We connect and create together a kick ass personalized plan for transformation.  


Taking action! Implementing your customized plan with one on one sessions, homework assignments and accountability to get unstuck, access insights and keep the fire blazing. You thrive with new knowledge and a clear vision, defined goals and tools to support you personally and professionally.

How you can BENEFIT:

  • Clarify vision/mission/path
  • Spiritual discipline and personal practice in check 
  • Build on classroom skills
  • Consistent rad themes and keeping inspiration fresh
  • Mixed level class confidence 
  • Language and cueing clarity
  • Energy protection ceremonies and tools
  • Navigating students energy/needs
  • Staying stoked and learning more without ending up broke
  • Sustainability in career and personal life
  • Fall back in love with yoga and teaching

Packages and prices vary based on your personal vision and goals. Most packages typically include the below however each individual is unique and we will work together to create a customized plan that best suites you:

  • Initial consultation
  • Based on your goals, a determined number of 1 hr long one on one sessions
  • Based on your goals, a determined number of homework assignments
  • Email support for the duration of time working together

Meetings can be in person for local clients or Skype for international. Group mentoring is also feasible. Please contact me directly at to inquire.