private yoga therapy

How is yoga therapy different than yoga?

Photo cred: Amanda Bullick of Brutally Beautiful 

Photo cred: Amanda Bullick of Brutally Beautiful 

All yoga has a wide range of therapeutic benefits and in regular yoga classes there is a basic system or tradition that the student must mold themselves to. Yoga therapy differs in that it is student centered, molding the practices and teachings of yoga to the specific needs and goals of the student or specialty group. This proves to be the MOST potent and effective healing form of yoga because sessions are customized to the student or groups specific physical, emotional, energetic states. Only the most powerful, relevant and safe yogic asana, meditation, mudra, mantra, pranayama and philosophy are chosen.

Individual Yoga Therapy

I absolutely love working one on one with people and a yoga therapy session proves to be incredibly powerful and healing as it is customized to your specific physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual needs.

Yoga poses, pranayama (breathing practices), mudras, personal mantras, art therapy and shamanic tools are all incorporated into sessions. Expect accountability homework.

Personal sessions can be done in the comfort of your home or at a studio.

Group Yoga Therapy

Photo Cred:  Amanda Bullick of Brutally Beautiful

Photo Cred:  Amanda Bullick of Brutally Beautiful

My vast experience with group therapy ranges from creating programs and working with: At risk youth, addictions, workplace stress reduction, depression, low back pain, sport specific programs, sexual abuse survivors, special needs, sleep help, posture awareness, seniors, recovering from cancer treatment, hospice programs, pre natal, post natal and mental health. 

Group yoga therapy is offered as a one day workshop, 8 week progressive program or regular class. I am open to leading the classes in a location that would be most conducive to healing for your group (i.e. workplace, hospital, wellness clinic, physio clinic, yoga studio). 

In addition to the groups needs and goals evaluation it is my 
priority to honour the healing journey of each individual within a group setting therefore I also gather an in-depth individual assessment form. A specialized group therapy program is created and within that, individuals are honored and validated on their healing path.

I will deliver the most powerful and specific elements of yoga most appropriate for the group and maintain a loving, non-judgmental space for each student's growth.

Please contact me if you have further questions or would like to schedule a consultation.