About Teresa- La Lupa

Celebrant. Death, bereavement and birth Doula. Trauma Inclusive Yoga and movement guide. Director of Yoga Teacher Trainings locally & Internationally. Shamanic Practitioner. Womb Healings. Somatic dance guide. Mentor. Midwife to rebirth. Queer, transinclusive feminist. Forever humble student. 

Photo cred: Pure souls media

It is with sincere gratitude and deep reverence that I bow to the lineages, teachings and practices that have shaped my work.  I am honoured to have been gifted the blessings and rites to share specific lineages from yoga, Andean Shamanism and womb rituals.  Dona Maria, Gurmukh, Santa Tierras, Wilko Apaza Quispe, Rocio Alarcon, Joseph and Lillian LePage, Maria Mendoza,  Amber Grey, Rainbow Jaguar Institute and Carolyn McManus. 

I want to acknowledge that my home, and the place I offer many of my services is on the west coast of British Columbia, on unceded Indigenous land belonging to the Coast Salish peoples, including the territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), Stó:lō and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations.

This past year I have committed to the work of engaging with community and cultural consultants.  I am dedicated to continuing to grow an ethical healing practice that is accountable, honoring and rooted in social justice and inclusion.  



I have been practicing for 25 years and teaching for over 15; leading international and local Yoga Alliance certified teacher trainings, sharing workshops, yoga, dance, ceremony, retreats, classes and teacher mentorships as an experienced registered yoga teacher- ERYT 500 and prenatal registered yoga teacher-PRYT, birth and death doula and shamanic practitioner. My offerings span pre-conception, birth and death work, babies, children, animals, teens and adults.

My teachings reflect over 20 years of experience and immersion in: 

•   Full Spectrum Doula -I have supported people (however they identify or express gender) through the full spectrum of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences from abortion, pregnancy loss, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage and stillbirth. 

*Death & bereavement Doula  - midwifing spaces for humans or animals: 1) those transitioning from the physical to the spiritual realm, 2) those supporting loved ones as they prepare for or integrate the death of a loved one, 3) those navigating the death of an old life, narrative, state of health, relationship. I hold space in the way requested/needed and create specific ceremony and rituals to navigate the transition with honouring, love, space and sacredness. 

•   Celebrant-I create and lead personalized ceremonies, group ceremonies of all kinds-for transitions of any kind, marriage, divorce, blessing ways, coming out, celebration of life

Andean Shamanism-an earth based spirituality from Peru. I am a full mesa carrier and a committed shamanic practitioner in the Incan tradition and have been bestowed blessings and rites to share the knowledge and rituals

•   Trauma Inclusive yoga and movement guide- paths to embodied resilience, embodied boundaries, self regulation for daily life. I have studied with Jane Clapp, Nicole Marcia and Amber Grey (who advises the UN on psychological first aid and trauma therapy)

•   Womb Work- Informed from traditions from Ecuador, Mexico and Italy. Restoring, reclaiming and integrating rituals for any and all womb related trauma and specific post partum womb rituals to    support physical, emotional, energetic integration

•   Martial arts- Capoeira, Bo Staff, Quigong

•   Bodywork- trained bodyworker in Thai massage, relaxation and hot stone

•   Ceremony-blessing ways, celebration of life, death rituals, weddings, coming out, divorce

•   Reiki and shamanic energy work, tapping into the realms of support beyond physical touch

•   Dance -certified Journey Dance facilitator- plus years of experience in breakdance, belly dance, hip hop, 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance

•   Esoteric Anatomy- a spiritual approach to massage and bodywork, demystifying an ancient model for understanding energy in nature and working with consciousness in healing arts 

•   Somatic therapy-the relationship between mind and body in regard to trauma and the practices of restoring

•   Yoga from Tantric/Kundalini/Hatha traditions

•   Human kinetics 

•   Personal training-with a focus in rehabilitation and sports specific training

*  Competing at high level sports  


As a little girl I followed my soul hunger. I was a seeker who challenged societal, cultural and religious conditioning. At the age of 6 I was the only girl playing in an all boys hockey league. As a youth I challenged religious leaders on the rituals that excluded girls and a challenged authority figures/teachers to create more inclusive learning spaces.

As a young person of 13 years old I was entranced by the books I was blessed to find at garage sales on yoga, transcendental meditation, yogic philosophy, buddhism and shamanism. I was literally in the closet exploring these practices as I feared they would not be condoned by my family and contrary to their religious practices. I was grateful that I had these teachings to lean on as I was also deeply in the closet with my sexuality and drowning in religious/cultural stories of shame. 

Yoga, meditation, shamanism, dance and martial arts have saved my life on numerous occasions. These practices nourished me and supported me deeply when I was navigating depression, sexual assault, homelessness, cancer, emotional abuse, divorce and coming out. During these times I learned how to hold myself with compassion for my humanness, perceptually shift so that my wholeness included the brokenness and messiness, moved from self loathing to a spacious acceptance, restored from traumas, and reclaimed my body, mind and spirit. 

I bow deeply to the ongoing journey of restoring and learning. I am inspired by our capacity to rebirth. I value and harness the deep medicine from all my experiences as fertile soil from which to teach, relate and help students liberate their lives.

 I have always known my soul was called to serve, create change and light fires.


When I am not guiding others I love surfing, traveling internationally, trail running in BC mountains, being with dogs, dancing to deep bass, playing sports, studying epigenetics-herbalism-polyvagal theory and hanging out with my beautiful family, partner and friends. 

What Do I Love About What I Do?

I LOVE midwifing rebirth, birth and death and supporting people on their path to reclamation.

I love practicing total presence.

I love witnessing celebrating courage, breakthroughs, forgiveness and the resiliency of the human spirit.

I love that I am always learning.

I love going deep. I'm not scared of the dark.

I love the challenge of creating sacred spaces.

I love creating spaces of raw transparency and sharing in a deeper intimacy.

I love feeding the revolution of love: through change, becoming informed, connection, awareness of choice, challenging what has been built up around us. I revel in the undeniable call I have to serve, uplift, poke, provoke, elevate and feed this revolution of love.


photo cred: Pure souls media

photo cred: Pure souls media


La Lupa Via translates as, The Wolf Way in Italian-Latin.

I am of Italian-European heritage and grew up with a potent and mystical affinity to both Italian Wolf Goddesses, Feronia-queen of the wilderness, fertility and wolves and Lucina-goddess of wild things, protector of childbirth and a guide through life's transitions. I have also felt a deep soul knowing to La Loba, the story from Northern Mexico as shared by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, about a wolf woman-bone collector, who resurrects the wild spirit of life from the depths of the underworld.

At the heart and soul of my offerings as a death doula, full spectrum doula, trauma yoga therapist, teacher trainer, ceremonialist, shamanic practitioner, mentor and womb healer is the spirit of the wolf and these wolf goddesses: the energy of midwifing inclusive spaces of rebirth, soul reclamation and life liberation and returning to our wild instincts and deep knowing.

I have dreamed of wolves since I was a little girl and their presence in these dreams and in person have guided, inspired and protected me through the many deaths, rebirths and transitions in my life. (including the cancer journey-see picture to the right)

Wolves represent community, instinct, appetite for freedom, intuition, innovation, rituals, expression, intimacy, teachers, lunar connections-everything that my works holds as foundations for restoration and liberated living and dying..

May you come home to your untamed, wise, dark, light, messy transparency and remember the wolf wisdom within you that howls to remind you that you are wild, worthy, whole and free.





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Kundalini Shamanism Fall/Winter Series

Wednesdays evenings

All genders and gender expressions welcome!


LOCATION:  Another Space Studio, East Van-Unceded Coast Salish Territories

***Next series is January 7, 14, 21, 28, February 4 and 11th -registration is OPEN for this series 

$150 for 6 class series


Message me at teresa@lalupavia.com to inquire about spaces left and for registration info

*Bring a yoga mat, journal and pen, water bottle, sacred items to charge, a large stone to work with in shamanic earth based ritual




Vancouver date and location TBA


I am elated and honoured to be sharing more offerings in the realm of re-sacralizing death and conscious endings.

Opening our hearts to a sacred way of approaching and integrating the metaphorical and literal deaths on our journey. Join me as we enter into a sacred space of rituals to reverence and honour the many deaths that have imprinted us along the way.

Through the specific focus in ritual we will create paths to reclamation and restoration.

"A ritual is the enactment of a myth. And by participating in the ritual, you are participating in the myth. And since myth is a projection of the depth wisdom of the psyche, by participating in a ritual, participating in the myth, you are being, as it were, put in accord with that wisdom."-Joseph Campbell

The workshop includes:

Shamanic Ceremony-earth based ritual from Andean Shamanism to support integration, nurturing, perceptual shifts and reclamation. Honouring/Grief Ceremony-

yoga/dance/meditation Kundalini and Restorative Yoga, mantra, mudra


Drum journeys

No experience necessary Please bring a journal and pen, any sacred item you wish to charge/bless, a flower(even one, single stem rose


Winter Solstice Ceremony and Dance

Ancient Fire Studio 15 west 2nd VanCouveR



$35 per person secure your spot with an email transfer to teresa@lalupavia.com

With humble reverance we practice on unceded Indigenous land belonging to the Coast Salish peoples, including the territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), Stó:lō and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations. Partial Proceeds of this event goes to Aboriginal Youth Empowerment Program.

This ceremony and dance event welcomes ALL GENDERS and GENDER EXPRESSIONS and ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE. Beginners are most welcome :)
Winter Solstice is a sacred time of celebrating the dark within us and around us, allowing it to inform us and inspire us while at the same time reverencing the coming of the light. This evening includes an opening and closing ceremony of earth based rituals, musical guests, intention setting and shamanic drumming.

Let’s cellularly manifest, create, shed and rebirth at this auspicious and sacred time in a conscious community.
Teresa is a certified Journey Dance instructor and celebrant who leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation. Through breath, sweat, and expression, you gain a palpable experience of yourself as pure powerful energy.

Journey Dance is not about learning steps, it’s about revealing, recovering and re-discovering your natural intuitive movement. We activate imagination and utilize diverse forms of freestyle improvisational dance, yoga, ritual, theater, and shamanism to a soundtrack of inspiring world music, creating a barefoot ecstatic celebration of the human spirit.
We embody through grounding movement, feeling the total surface area of our physical bodies in contact with the earth.
We experience sensual awakening as we unleash animal energies and expand our awareness.
We enliven our playful self and connect with other movers in community.
We explore our inner realms to express ourselves, dive into our ocean of emotion, and tell our story to the dance floor.
We empower ourselves and each other to liberate old cellular memories and cleanse the body and mind with sweat and breath.

TO REGISTER teresa@lalupavia.com $35 per person

Wolf Women-Earth Medicine Retreat, Tofino

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

Date:  October 12-15th 2017

Location: Tofino Botanical Gardens

Hungry for play, wolf pack, regenerating and inspiration?

Howl, rewild and reclaim with us on this 4th Annual Tofino Yoga-Surf-Shamanism Retreat. Connect with your pack and commune and attune to the medicine of the potent land, churning ocean and wild wisdom of the two legged, four legged, winged, finned and furred. Daily meditation, dance, shamanic ceremony, elemental yoga, mudra, fire ritual and the beauty of like minded community. Liberate your instincts and return to the wild and wise wolf within. You will feel infinite, unstoppable and on fire for your path and passions. Expect to be inspired, refreshed, refocused and connected to your limitlessness.


Soul investment includes:

3nights accommodation at the magical Tofino Botanical Gardens, delicious meals, 4 yoga classes, surfing lesson(*optional) Shamanic Trance Dance, fire ritual, shamanic ceremony, daily meditation and group photoshoots with Amanda Bullick of Brutally Beautiful  www.bebrutallybeautiful.ca and Instagram: @brutalbeauties

*** SPECIAL*** $800 per person if you sign up with a friend, Please email if you have a group or pair to register. 

OR $900 if you sign up solo.

NOTE- $65 extra for 3 hour surf lesson, wetsuit and board rental- which is totally open to beginners and also totally optional if you would rather hang at the lodge by the fireplace and read or beach comb :)

Deposit for this retreat is $175 non refundable to teresa@lalupavia.com. This amount goes towards your total investment.

NOTE: the retreat cost does not include transportation to and from the retreat-car pooling with sister wolves is recommended and fun and saves $


Witches, Moons and Wombs


2018 dates coming soon

*PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED and spaces are limited*


Time: 7:00 - 915pm

$25 Per person-Email me to inquire about spaces left and registration details at teresa@lalupavia.com

***Partial proceeds go to OUT in Schools www.outinschools.com and Aboriginal Youth Empowerment program http://pcrs.ca/our-services/aboriginal-youth-empowerment-program/

Location: Another Space Studio, East Van 1523 East Pender-Unceded Coast Salish Territories

As if I was on fire from within, the moon lives in the lining of my skin

-Pablo Neruda

Commune with a coven of conscious community as we attune to the magic, medicine and mystery of each full moon, learning, shedding, dancing, re-wilding and resourcing in new ways. Each evening includes awakening meditations, wild dancing, journalling, singing, chanting, powerful partner and group exercises, drumming and crystal bowl sweetness.

*Bring a journal, pen, water bottle, clothes you can move and sweat in, sacred items to charge at the altar.

Pre-registration is required. 

 :) Spaces are limited. Reserve today, sweet ones.


I love movement and travel, teaching locally and internationally throughout the year. Give the studio a call or check out the online schedule of each studio to see if I'm out of town that day. For private womb work, ceremony and sessions, email me at teresa@lalupavia.com to inquire and book-please note I book up quickly :)






Time:11:15-12:30 -  BABY & ME

Location: SEMPERVIVA City Center (Broadway & Maple)        


*** afternoon open for Womb healing, private yoga therapy or shamanic work, prenatal partner privates


Time:6:30pm-8:15pm  KUNDALINI SHAMANISM Class SERIES (pre-reg required)

Location: Another Space Studios Unceded Coast Salish Territories



Time:12:30-1:45- PRENATAL

Location: SEMPERVIVA Sun Center (Broadway & Trafalgar)






Time: 12-1:15pm  - PRENATAL

Location: SEMPERVIVA Sun Center(Broadway & Trafalgar)

***Afternoons 3pm-6pm open  for privates, ceremonies or Closing the Bones



***Open for womb healing, private sessions, workshops, ceremony



Please Email me teresa@lalupavia@gmail.com to inquire and arrange Womb healing, mentoring, ceremony, shamanic private sessions and other offerings.








Date: January 12-22, 2018 and JUNE 11-21, 2018

Location: Vancouver, BC

Register/Inquire with www.Semperviva.com

This wildly inspiring, inclusive and comprehensive 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program will include how to teach prenatal yoga to people in all stages of pregnancy, in a fiercely empowering way. Yoga is explored as a powerful tool for conscious and holistic pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood. A transforming and life changing training that will inform, inspire and illuminate your personal and professional life. 75% of this training is experiential and requires your full participation and commitment to personal work in order to fully understand the content.

This course is informed from the birth, bereavement, postpartum and death doula world, global activism, consciousness of babies, birth imprinting and psychology, cross cultural birth rituals and inclusivity.


Yoga teachers of all traditions, midwives, doulas, nurses, doctors, childbirth educators, and all people wanting to deepen their knowledge of yoga in pregnancy and of themselves.

This in depth program will give you a rich understanding of Yoga during the childbearing year and beyond. It will deepen self-knowledge and foster fierce personal growth. Educating and empowering  about conscious pregnancy, birth and parenthood creates conscious parents, conscious babies and a more conscious world.

Elevating and educating students during this time of profound transformation is the most awesome and rewarding experience.




LA LUPA VIA Yoga Teacher Training is elated to ANNOUNCE:



Casa Antorcha, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Join Teresa of La Lupa Via  in a journey of RE-sacralizing the cycles of our lives, bodies, births and deaths and returning to a healthy, supported society of thriving people.


Journey deep into the sacred world of supporting yourself and your community through the cycles in new and honouring ways. 

 *Conscious Conception guide-the path of supporting people emotionally, energetically and spiritually on their journey of conception

*Abortion and Miscarriage Support-rituals for at home or in hospital for caring for the pregnant person and any partner

*Bereavement Doula skills-how to hold space with earth based rituals and trauma informed yoga and movement therapy for abortions, pregnancy loss and even the metaphorical deaths that people navigate in the human experience 

*Partner intimacy-learn how to hold space for healthy intimacy, deep support for any and all partners journeys in pregnancy, aboriton, miscarriage, birthing process-whether you are a doula, midwife or yoga teacher, learn precious and powerful ways to support partners, families so that they may bond, communicate, learn new forms of intimacy and thrive more in their pregnancy, times of loss, change or during the birthing process, post partum and beyond.

*Earth based rituals, energy work and rattling journey skills(some shamanic)

*Sustainability in the sacred cycles path-self care, self regulation, trauma informed awareness and movement practices for embodied resilience working towards how to practice in healthy, ethical and sustainable ways in this sacred work. 

This training is Informed by a trauma inclusive movement and yoga foundations, bereavement and death doula practices and rituals, ceremonies for transitions, somatic therapy, shamanic rituals and yoga therapy.

If you would like to register a phone interview is required to be eligible.


Investment is $2007 Canadian for :

*the powerful week long training

*7 nights accommodation at Casa Antorcha

*3 fresh vegan meals per day and a daily shuttle to the beach.


Price does not include flight or shuttles to the lodge.

*Casa Antorcha is a Caribbean style house in the lush jungle. We are surrounded by the forest's song all day long. There are howler monkeys, toucans, sloths, big morpho butterflies, hummingbirds and lots of other animals living around us. The house is built with local materials; almost entirely wood. There are a couple of small trails that you can walk on to explore the forest. On the land there is an old cacao plantation which we attend to and harvest cacao from. We collect the fresh water from the rain to use in the house. All the meals that we will be serving will be fresh made, vegan and as much as we can organic and local. The local ingredients we tend to use a lot are coconut, plantains, yuca, wild basil, bananas, cacao, papaya and more.







Shamanic Womb Work

Closing the Bones &

Conscious Conception




I am passionate about womb healing for all. Womb Rituals for reclamation and restoring. It changes lives.

I believe we need rituals to integrate and validate the human experience and that we live more liberated lives with them.

For ANY AND ALL  womb trauma-from this lifetime or others, be it sexual, pregnancy related, birth related, ancestral.

As a full spectrum doula, death doula, trans-affirming doula, body worker, trauma informed yoga therapist and shamanic practitioner i have been sharing Womb Restoring Rituals for many years. These rituals include energy work, womb massage, shamanic drum journey, crystal bowl, journalling, somatic movement therapy, yoga therapy, nurturing and reverence.

I bring the doula model of care to people across the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences, including abortion, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage and stillbirth and beyond. Into the restoring, reclaiming journey that continues with each one of these journeys.




Traditionally a beautiful and powerful Ecuadorian postpartum ritual and massage to restore, align, nurture the birther and support an emotional, energetic, physical, spiritual integration of the pregnancy, birth and beyond journey.  This teaching was passed on from Ecuadorian midwife, Shaman, ethnobotanist, Rocio Alacron to Sophie Messager from whom i studied. Many cultures around the world have a similar ritual to this one to support people being nurtured, seen, reverenced so they may thrive.

Traditionally in many cultures this ritual is shared after birth, 4-6 x within the first month and a half of the birth.

I share this in both traditional sense of post partum AND non-traditionally for anyone seeking womb healing


This nurturing  ritual is  for all-

For birthers post partum AND for people who birthed 30 years ago and never had closure AND for people who have never had babies AND for people with emotional womb trauma, ancestral womb trauma, sexual trauma, pregnancy loss and FOR all  genders 

Medicine woman/midwife Rocio entreated the teacher i studied with for us to spread the word. To:

‘give this back to your culture, because you have lost it. And you need it back.’ca

These stunning sessions include intention setting-crystal bowl meditation, energy work, rebozo rocking, womb massage, shamanic drumming, rebirthing meditation and closing intentions and integration.

Sessions are 2hrs long and investment includes a pre and post email connect and tools to take with you into everyday life to continue the rhythm of nurturing and self care.


 1 session-$175

Package of 3-$450 ($75 savings)

Package of 5-$700($175 savings)

Payment plans available and sliding scale may apply



 What is it?

Conscious conception is a holistic path of re-sacralizing the journey of conception. Tending to the emotional, spiritual and energetic layers of ourselves and partners to open up the space of possibility and understanding.

Re-sacralize=to make sacred again.

I believe possibilities open up exponentially when in addition to traditional conception practices a holistic approach is integrated

Going beyond and yet also working with the medical and technical world of conception into the emotional, spiritual, energetic realms. Using trauma informed yoga and movment, shamanic, somatic therapy and meditation practices we explore the journey of conscious conception which includes forgiveness, awareness exercises, restoring personal and relationships, opening up dialogue with the soul of the child you want to call in and co-creating daily rituals/practices to feed the rhythm of creation.

We work together to dissolve blocks and open possibilities.

I have shared this conscious conception journey with people in all scenarios: those on a solo conception journey, surrogate scenarios and those in my queer and trans community over the years. It is a sublime honour to hold space in this way.

Sessions are 2hrs long 

 1 session-$175

Package of 3-$475

Testimonial- "Teresa and I first worked together in the realm of concious conception. She held space for healing, release and spiritual connection relating to my fertility. With her compassion, guidance and presence, I was able to let go and move forward compassionately to welcome my dear child. 

We also took part in her incredible and unique and inclusive pre-natal workshop. That experience, in addition to reading other books she recommended (Ina May Gaskin), gave me a courageous foundation for my birthing process. Using some of her music and sense of lightness really changed how we went through the birth.

Six months post-partum, we connected for the closing the bones ritual. I found this to be integral in my physical and emotional healing. Not only that, it was a very kind way to acknowledge the impact of childbearing on my body and spirit. It provided a deep release, sense of safety and true feeling of self-care. 

She has been an incredible teacher and gift to me and my family. "-Sarah, Jocelyn and baby Coba



Bereavement & DEATH DOULA 


I offer love, support and space holding for re-sacralizing the bereavement and death cycles in our lives. 

 It is the most sublime honour to hold space for grief walking, bereavement and literal and metaphorical death. It is sacred, heart opening and life changing.

I was called early in life to the sacred death work. Finding injured or dead animals and tending to them ceremoniously was common as a child. As a teenager death came through the loss of loved ones, both old and very young, animal and human and heeding the call to support others navigating deaths. This call to death work has continued through my whole life.

At 17 my young cousin Lisa, who was like a sister and mother to me died tragically in her late 20's and it rocked me, broke my heart and opened it simultaneously. Death work from a young age has called me, and I have answered.

I am in awe and enthralled by the journey of the spirit.

I am in awe of the depth of intimacy available when the different forms of death bring us to our knees.

I bow to this insatiable hunger to understand and offer more than what consensual reality has taught us about death.


As a bereavement and death doula I midwife spaces for humans or animals. For:

*) those transitioning from the physical to the spiritual realm

 *) those preparing for the death of a loved one or integrating the death of a loved one

*) those seeking to communicate, restore and heal with loved ones who have passed in physical form

 *) those navigating grief and bereavement from the death of an old life, narrative, state of health, relationship or being. I hold space in the way requested/needed and create specific ceremony and rituals to navigate the transition with honouring, love, space and sacredness. 

Through ceremonial work, ritual, trauma informed yoga and movement, somatic therapy and shamanic work we create space, love, acknowledgement and integration of the death you are navigating. 


Bereavment and death doula  work is offered one on one or in groups.





Ceremony creates incredibly meaningful ways to honour important events in our lives, remind us of how intimately we are connected to nature and help us find peace with the inevitable changes that life brings. In ceremony we bring forth a sacredness towards the many passages in our lives so that we can connect to restoring, integration, peace and the journey of being alive.

In my life, ceremony reminds me of my infinite soul, my innate capacity to transform, and the truth of interconnectedness. Ceremony reconnects me to hope, wonder, trust, forgiveness, acceptance, joy and precious insights.

From a young age, I knew my calling was to serve and I have since been holding sacred space for people in ceremony for over 20 years. A large part of this call has been in the realm of the birth and death doula world.

 It is the most sublime honour to midwife the space in ceremony and offer pure presence as people connect to the source of life, renew in times of transition, find peace, guidance, celebrate the cycles of life and maintain a vibrant connection to the sacred. 

Ceremony is offered as private, semi-private or any group size.

This offering is non denominational and is sourced from a combination of yogic, shamanic and spiritual healing practices (*from each lineage I draw from I have been bestowed blessings and rites to share ceremony in this way).

An initial consultation opens up the space for creating together and customizing a ceremony in alignment with your individual or group visions, needs and desires.


Ayni Despacho(a gift/sending off) ceremony originates from the Q'ero shamans of Peru-I am humbled to have received rites and blessings from them to share these earth based rituals with my community. This ceremony is very personal, intention/prayer filled and holds gratitude, release, manifestation and integration. This is a gorgeous, specific ceremony of intentional despacho creation and then completed as we either bury, burn in a fire or offer to the ocean to fully manifest.

Ayni Despacho(a gift/sending off) ceremony originates from the Q'ero shamans of Peru-I am humbled to have received rites and blessings from them to share these earth based rituals with my community. This ceremony is very personal, intention/prayer filled and holds gratitude, release, manifestation and integration. This is a gorgeous, specific ceremony of intentional despacho creation and then completed as we either bury, burn in a fire or offer to the ocean to fully manifest.


* Fire Ritual

* Community Despacho

* Personal Despacho

* Death Honouring

Fire is one of the greatest transformers of energy. Fire ceremonies support cleansing, clearing, transmuting energy, reclamations and celebrations, depending on your intention. 

Fire is one of the greatest transformers of energy. Fire ceremonies support cleansing, clearing, transmuting energy, reclamations and celebrations, depending on your intention. 



  • Birth-blessing ways
  • Deaths-supporting loved ones and/or the one transitioning
  • Conscious death -the death of an old identity, habit or stage of life
  • Divorce -Becoming your own beloved
  • Marriage
  • Onset of puberty
  • Conscious conception
  • Coming Out  
  • Full Moon/New Moon
  • Winter-Spring or Summer Equinox


Please contact me with any questions about upcoming trainings, events, mentoring or booking for teacher trainings

Name *