Teresa Campbell is a bonafide game changer. Full stop. A physical/mental/spiritual guide, she has motivated me to smash through personal blocks with her compassion and care through weekly Kundalini classes that I've attended for nearly two years. There's a lightness to her practice, but the work is seriously substantive. Her yoga draws from eclectic inspiration across cultures, making it unique although still very much accessible and grounded. It catches you off-guard and carries you into a foreign space out of your comfort zone with tender jubilance and fierce "fecundity" (did I mention your vocabulary will vastly improve after multiple exposures to Teresa's poetic practice?). As a "yoga bro", I never imagined I'd be howling like a wolf or slithering like a snake or laughing uncontrollably in a sweat-drenched yoga class, but submission to the wild and the weird has been nothing short of healing, liberating, and conscious-altering. A gem in Vancouver's prolific health and wellness community, Teresa brings together a yogic experience for anyone with an open heart and a streak (even if it's hidden) of badassery.- Muhammed Amir
Words cannot describe the impact and power of the last 11days of teacher training with Teresa.
So much more than a pre-natal training... An intensive re-wilding and re-sacralising of the female body and voice, sex, birthing and babies ~ to incite a revolution and reclaim our female intuition, wisdom and free wild expression.
We are invited to return to deep power and remembrance of who we are as women... Fearlessly guiding us to re-birth ourselves, reclaim our story, so we too can hold this powerful and needed space for other women to return to true innate wildness. 
The wisdom is running through my veins and has electrified my spirit... I cannot wait to see where this new fire within, will take me next 🔥🔥-Hannah Dyson
Teresa is a beautiful, bad ass, authentic guide who passionately holds space like no other I have experienced before. Her offerings are life changing, illuminating and challenging in the most beautiful way. I have journeyed with her in private shamanic womb work, death ceremony, retreats, workshops and most recently, conscious conception. I am continually inspired by her fierce presence, knowledge, intuition and commitment to her path. After 7years of fertility challenges, our baby has arrived and I bow to Teresa in the deepest gratitude for being an integral part of this being possible. The way our baby looks at her, reminds me that he knows her magic too.--- -Proud mamas Natalie & Cheryl
You are the most spiritually powerful woman I have ever met! Your strength and kindness reached out to me before we even spoke and I knew that when I was in your presence, I would not be afraid...afraid of my disease, afraid of my mortality and afraid of my life. When I am in your presence, I have no fear. Your power and joyfulness reaches out to me and surrounds me with love and I feel a strength I never knew I had. You have been instrumental in my healing, both physically and spiritually. I count the days to your classes, so I can feel calm again and joyful. You have taught me that there is a whole other part of me that has never been explored and it feels amazing to find it - Rita

You are incredibly gifted and I want to thank you for your empowering impact on my life. You will probably never know how many people are positively influenced by your gifts - Sarita

Your classes have been a true inspiration. Thank you for helping me with my journey into motherhood. You are such a beautiful woman and your love and passion for what you do radiates. I hope you continue to inspire many women in the future - Fannie

Your yoga classes helped so much to give birth (and parent) with curiosity, joy, excitement, pride and an openness that I know I wouldn't have been able to achieve without you and your energy - Kim

With compassion, playfulness, awareness and plenty of tapas, Teresa encourages us to stand squarely in the moment to embrace all parts of our darkness and light, our human experience, to learn to face ourselves everyday in honest, curious, kind and loving way - Patti

Teresa has a way of knowing just what is needed in each moment of each class be it dancing, singing, or traditional yoga poses in an overall atmosphere of ease and flexibility. Teresa is so in tune with the babies it's incredible. Its no wonder they respond to her with smiles and coos.  She provides such a warm, compassionate, non-judgmental space, which goes far beyond yoga poses and connects us to ourselves, our babies and each other as women - K

I just wanted to thank you so much for your prenatal yoga classes. I had to "drop-out" early as my baby was breech and I was spending time trying to get him to turn -- I tried all sorts of positions, acupuncture, music, etc. In the end I wound up having a wonderful vaginal breech birth with no painkillers! And during labour, I used many of the skills and messages from your class -- I even heard your voice several times! The "arm-flapping" exercises we did in your class really helped me during labour and I used a mantra tohelp accept the pain and move through it. Thank you so very much for being an integral part of my birth experience. You are amazing and I keep recommending your class - Allison

You continue to inspire, motivate, support, brighten, encourage all those graced around you - D

In my opinion, Teresa Campbell is a rare gift. In the last year and a half, I have taken over 100 yoga classes with her plus a few yoga therapy workshops. She is an inspiring and challenging teacher, committed to empowering her students. Her energy is boundless. I have noticed great improvement in my body shape, strength, will power and confidence since practicing with her. She continually pushes me beyond my fears and perceived limitations. Every hour I spend with Teresa makes me a better man. I will continue to work with her for as long as possible - Doug